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My older blog posts before a re-start of the with a new emphasis.

New-SPConfigurationDatabase – system error 5 (Access is denied.)

This not something very fancy and the solution is actually very clear and something I should have understood right from the error message. But because it took me a while to figure it out and googling with error message didn’t give that much help,… Continue Reading “New-SPConfigurationDatabase – system error 5 (Access is denied.)”

SharePoint 2013 and Search-Driven Content

For the last year I have done a lot of concept and architecture design together with development in cases where SharePoint is used as organization internal communication, news, announcement and general information channel. Basically I mean traditional Intranet with news pages, announcements lists, blogs,… Continue Reading “SharePoint 2013 and Search-Driven Content”

SharePoint Application Configuration part 1 – Property Bag

Property bags are power full and good way to store properties and static details that is used in SharePoint. Earlier the most common way was to store for example some URL information in web-config. And still web.config is a good place to store information.… Continue Reading “SharePoint Application Configuration part 1 – Property Bag”

SharePoint Application Configuration – Application Configuration

Lately I’ve been worked a lot with projects where we have tried to find a good way to give site collection owner or farm admins possibilities to maintain and even change the way how our custom SharePoint application (web part, controls etc.) work. The… Continue Reading “SharePoint Application Configuration – Application Configuration”

Vaatimusmäärittely – valtakunnallinen lippujärjestelmä

Menet nettipalveluun tai rautatieaseman palvelupisteeseen. Pyydät lipun Tampereelta Somerolle. Voit maksaa koko matkan kerrallaan ja saat käteesi sekä lipun, joka kelpaa sekä junaan Tampereelta Saloon että bussiin välillä Salo Somero. Hintaa lipulle ei tule sen enempää kuin nytkään, mikäli ostaisit liput erikseen. Matka sujuu… Continue Reading “Vaatimusmäärittely – valtakunnallinen lippujärjestelmä”

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