Your Day with Microsoft NextGen Portals

Microsoft Ignite 2015 last month was huge. Basically everything from Microsoft stack was presented there. For me all things related to modern workplaces, meaning Office 365 and SharePoint, was under the microscope. But I have to say that the information flow was a blast and it was almost impossible to digest all the new things and news that were presented.

We heard about Groups, Delve, Infopedia, SharePoint 2016, Yammer etc. Microsoft is building their cloud and portal solutions based on following strategy – Cloud first, mobile first. You definitely saw in Ignite.

After the conference many may wonder that how is this all wrapped around together and what tools I should use? I don’t have a clear answer to that. There’s always the one and only “It depends” factor. But now after a while of reading and thinking all the new, I decided to give it a try. On one point of view at least.

I made a presentation of one full day for typical information worker and how these new or currently existing tools can be used and how they may help users during the day. At the same time you can see the main published NextGen portal tools from Ignite.

One new cool tool available for both public Office 365 and for enterprise Office 365 is Sway. With Sway you can quickly create nice looking mobile ready presentation. That is why I used that also. Remember to add Sway to your tool box.

>> Your Day with Microsoft NextGen Portals


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